An Update

Hi everyone!!! How’s your summer so far? My summer has been good so far. I been volunteering at a local daycare, hanging out with my best friend, and relaxing. I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever. Well I’d like to say that I’m starting to post on my second blog more. I would really love it if you would check this out. I probably won’t be using this one. I hope you check it out.


I decided to make this my signature after every blog post. Let me know what you think!!!

Go check out my 2nd blog

I made a second blog and i thought that you (the other bloggers) could see my blog but i found out from a friend that you can’t see it. So I been looking up how to change the settings so you all could be able to view it. And guess what, I figured it out and now you can go see the posts I put on there. I only have one post on it but I’m planning on posting more.

My blog is

Check out my new blog!!!!

Hey Everyone, 

I made a new blog called “Jojo’s Life and Advice Blog”. It will be about life and advice. I made this blog to help me with my writing and it will probably give me a chance to pursue my dream of being a Mental Health Counselor. I don’t know how but it probably will. My URL is if you wanted to see it. Let me know what you think about it. Comment below what you think I should improve or blog about. 

My Writing Problem…

I want to start writing stories again but every time I do. Whenever a different topic comes up, I want to write about it but I’m already writing the other story. Every time I write a story, its usually in incomplete. I have never wrote a story that was complete. If I could stay focus on one topic and finish a story, that would be a miracle. Comment your tips or ideas that you think I should try. Then I will post which one I liled the best on here (my blog) and give the person a shoutout got their great idea.🙂

Sometimes They Feel LIke A Fatherless Child

have you ever thought about this? Growing boys need their fathers. I think so. A lot of young boys are committing crimes because they don’t have a father figure in their life. Some mothers say that they are the mother and the father in the family and sometimes that doesn’t always work. I feel bad for single mothers and boys without fathers. Why can’t there be any good fathers like Akon, who will be there in their kid’s lives even if they aren’t theirs. There needs to be more men like that to these young boys. This also goes for the girls as well. Kids need two parents and not just one. This is just my opinion, what do you think of this? Comment below, please.

Please help me…

I need some ideas for a story that I want to share. If you can give me some good ideas, I will give you a shout out. I know that’s not much but I really would like to hear some of your ideas. It can be about anything as long as it’s appropriate. I am only 15 years old.

Can you give me some ideas for a story?

So please COMMENT below. 

My talent I would like to share

My talent is writing stories. I love to write stories, random things, and even about my day. I have been writing every since fourth grade. I even wrote stories about what I learned in sabbath school. If you would like me to share with you some of my stories, please comment below. I would really love and appreciate it. It would be my first time sharing my stories on the internet and public.